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What happened to me can happen to anyone on a pre-arranged date with just the word  of the date and the schooled second statement with  "EDITING" by UK Police/CPS to win a conviction from no more than a witch-hunt ? The 800 year rule of Magna carta no man law as changed you now have to prove you are innocent in a English court of Law not so in Scotland 6 miles from my home in England ?

Missing Exhibits.

  • No Crime First Account statements from victim & her best friend

  • Social Services Report That could only assist the defence.

  • Mobile Phone Forensics that only Police/CPS had constaints on (Police siezed these devices that contained vital SMS messages )

  • My victim was also taking antidepressants, she mentioned this only in her victim impact statements after trial? This kind of information is relevant and was asked for before trial by counsel CPS hid this also or laziness thought it not needed her medication is called Citalopram  take a look at the side effects on the link below Thanks to wikipedia.This should of been also disclosed to the defense ?



Court of Appeal (COA)

My trial barrister did appeal to the COA on  wrong in Law due to added Propensity evidence of a previous conviction of perverting justice. “This bolstered up evidence” simply tells a jury that is a bad person he has done this before?  The COA said this is simply the trial judges choice under 2003 legislation of prop evidence ; Yet  without these missing exhibits? That told the true story of the night in question; I had no defense and could not prove my consent that was a touch during a consenting kiss after a night out with the two girls.  My barrister now says her job is finished unless I can get a legal aid certificate from the M.O.J.  Funded Criminal Case Review Commission (CCRC).

The CCRC will not look at the trial transcripts as they say this is too expensive and exceeds the limit for each case number I have had 3 case numbers from them & each time they have not looked at what I am saying “That I did not get a fair trial” under.

Article 6.1 of the ECHR act that says if the Police / CPS withhold relevant evidence from the defense this is not fair? The ECHR cannot order the English courts to have a re-trial or say a conviction is unsafe? Only the CCRC have the authority to do this?

 All I want is a re-trial with the missing exhibits that the CPS hid from my legal team. This would also allow me to call the eye witness who confirmed my consent that was made out to be a hostile witness by the CPS case workers with “EDITING” so was not called by either side?? This witness was the victims best friend and was charged with conspiracy to perverting the course of justice with myself. Through no more than fear she decided to plead guilty to a lesser charge of witness intimidation on barrister advice before trial getting her a good deal of 150 hours community service. She admitted that she asked her best friend what are you doing this for and drop the charges. 


Freinds injustice links Below I owe these Charities kept me sane in prison & give me will to never give in to injustice or power given to arseholes



I am trying to raise funds to purchase the trial transcript from Carter & Walsh ltd . and then pay a Barrister  to progress back to the Court of appeal either directly or via the very slow under funded Gov agency the CCRC .only 0.4% off the Justice bill goes to this outfit Google them and see I have set a PAYPAL donation link above for  £10.oo sterling above all monies will go to Advice team any excess can go to the local Hospice where my wife died before all this .

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I have the unseen by Judge and Jury no crime  first account statement from the victim and the proof in the impact statement of the medication she was taking since the birth of her child that was taken into care and passed to her sister due to neglect .

If you would like to see the Trial summing up or the 3 CCRC reviews, that shows how they dont look at what you ask them to look at. Let me know via Twitter or email , I can also let you see the missing "no crime first account of matters that the Police forgot to bring to court? Also I will pay money if anyone can retrive SMS messages from 6 years ago?

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Look at the link below on how the CCRC made a innocent man do 10 years more in prison because Police lied about DNA


See a case below that showed all to Court that had many manifest flaws ?




News and personal views from Stanley Welsh

4th April 2015     

 I have already served the full 5 years in custody that I received after my biased trial   


The trial had all the hallmarks of ‘grooming’ – two adults luring two 17 y.o. vulnerable young girl into a night of passion said the Crown

  In an unusual move, “Judge Paul Batty QC” ruled that because there was no proof of any wrong doing, the Crown could use my previous conviction to bolster their case up of perverting the course of justice to be adduced to the jury by way of propensity evidence. ‘All this does in our free and fair country’ is telling the jury that man over there is a bad person so find him guilty?  He could of also ruled as his choice that the complainant’s evidence was too unreliable to be put to the jury. As her evidence was replete with lies and contradictions as against the known facts. Most of these facts were hidden by the Police/CPS being in a ‘no crime’ first account statement (this first account of matters I now have) & text messages from seized mobile phones on pay as you go that were mentioned in all the statements “Edited” out before trial in the jury bundle these texts I do not have? But the first account statement from the victim ties in with the  unused witness her being the other 17yo (victims best friend) who the CPS also charged with ‘Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice’ so the Crown were allowed to call the other girl a hostile witness and was not called. This girl did nothing wrong however through fear of prison put to her by her barrister Tim Evans he said to her if you plead guilty to a lesser charge of witness intimidation I will get you community service as I have the assurance of the Crown so she did making the statement all I did was tell my best friend what are you doing this for and just drop it. This was not done at my request it was two friends talking to each other. Below is a copy of Advice sent to the CPS prior to trial regarding the mobile phone evidence nothing was done by the Crown? I have crossed out the names this was written and sent by my barrister Marion Smullen



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